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Patented fitness system is COVID-proof and weatherproof

by: Jelle Zondag | 10 September 2020

The fitness industry is constantly in motion. The Coronavirus crisis presents a challenge to the creativity of fitness entrepreneurs and the offer of new products and concepts is considerable. HccBenelux currently works on the introduction of StreetBarbell, a patented system of fitness equipment specifically designed for outdoor training. Patrick Wolfs, owner of Hcc, described the possibilities.

Streetbarbell-1Patrick Wolfs started HccBenelux in 2007. His company imports and supplies fitness equipment to gyms, municipalities, pools, corporate fitness centres and other commercial parties. Over the past years Wolfs focused on the sale of Precor Fitness equipment, the world’s number-two manufacturer of fitness equipment. Some weeks ago, he started selling StreetBarbell equipment, for which he has high hopes. ‘We have negotiated for months to get the rights for the Benelux’, Wolfs says. ‘With StreetBarbell being the only manufacturer in the world to make this type of equipment, this was not a cut-and-dried process.’

Wolfs believes the potential of the StreetBarbell equipment is enormous. ‘StreetBarbell is a 42 Plate Loaded system. It is strength training equipment with variable resistance, made up of adjustable slides’, he explains the system’s design. ‘The patent concerns the weight plate system. It is unique, as it creates variable resistance. It is the only outdoor system that allows users to adjust resistance. Moreover, StreetBarbell is the only professional solution worldwide for gym-quality outdoor fitness.’

‘StreetBarbell equipment is built specifically for outdoors and is resistant to all weather conditions. It is in fact indestructible’

Seven years ago, the StreetBarbell system was developed by a Finnish company. Wolfs came across the system only recently but immediately recognized its possibilities. ‘Because of the Coronavirus measures all gyms had to take their classes outdoors. I own two gyms myself – which double as showrooms for the distribution of our equipment – and I saw that the equipment started to rust after some four weeks outside. Outside, rubber goes grey and crumbles after a while, and the equipment becomes useless. All the equipment that has been moved outside will be worthless within the year. Specifically built for outside, and resistant to all weather conditions, the StreetBarbell equipment does not have this issue. It is in fact indestructible.’

'High quality at the same price’
Streetbarbell-2Wolf explains the differences between indoors and outdoors equipment and the advantages of StreetBarbell. ‘Usually, indoor equipment is provided with just one coating, while StreetBarbell goes through two rounds of galvanising, and on top of that gets two separate powder coatings. The composition of the rubber surrounding the weights is different, which makes them resistant to all weather conditions. Many parts are of stainless steel, and the steel used is much thicker. This means that the quality of the outdoor equipment is many times higher, and the materials used are much more expensive. Still, we sell the equipment at competitive prices, which makes it accessible for any company.’

Its indestructible character makes the equipment suitable for a wide range of customers. Besides gyms, pools and companies, the police, the armed forces and prisons are potential customers. Wolfs: ‘The weight plates form part of the equipment, which is why they cannot break. They are absolutely vandal-resistant, and for that reason are used by prisons, the armed forces, marine and the police abroad.’

Prices of the exercise machines range from EUR 2,300 to 5,200 exclusive of vat

Three variants
Customers interested in the StreetBarbell system have a choice of three product lines. StreetBarbell Light is the entry line, comprising ten machines that can be used for lying or sitting exercises. StreetBarbell Standard offers 25 machines for standing exercises. The StreetBarbell Plus line, finally, is made up nine machines with foldable seats and is suitable also for wheelchair users or rehab. Prices of the individual machines range from EUR 2,300 to 5,200 exclusive of vat. Wolfs figures that outfitting a gym with StreetBarbell equipment will start around EUR 30,000 and can run to EUR 150,000.


At the time of writing, HccBenelux is scouting showroom locations in every province, to give customers a chance to see the equipment with their own eyes. Wolfs believes that the terms are appealing for partners. ‘We only ask that the venue in question buys at least twelve machines from different product lines, and that we get a chance to show the system to potential customers. The showroom locations can buy the equipment at reduced rates. If they buy eight or more machines, customers can choose colours, for instance to match their corporate identity.’

‘Gyms bring their equipment back indoors, but their customers prefer to exercise outdoors’

Huge demand
Although Wolfs has been working on the distribution of StreetBarbell just a few weeks, he claims there is a huge demand already. ‘Currently I am engaged in 120 e-mail exchanges and I already have fifteen, sixteen specific requests. With several customers we have reached the signing stage.’ HccBenelux’ owner has great expectations for the future. ‘Due to the Coronavirus many people started to exercise outdoors. Now gyms want to bring their equipment back indoors, but their customers prefer to exercise outdoors. Also, more people work out outdoors as summers become longer and milder, and winters shorter. The StreetBarbell equipment ties in with that trend.’

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