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Sport Knowhow XL news (in English)

  • "Sports organisations are not exactly sustainability trailblazers" | 15-09-2022

    "NOC*NSF’s sports agenda for 2030 is about one thing and one thing only: we want to be the most sports-minded country in the world. There is just one line devoted to sustainability’, says Egbert Mulder. Meanwhile sports accommodations must be urgently made sustainable to realize the Paris climate goals, according to Mulder.

  • Building a new ecosystem for football agents | 06-05-2022

    ‘For many agents finding a new club for a player comes first, and the player’s development comes second, says Ireneo Snel. ‘We want to turn it around.’ Together with his Finnish business partner, the young Dutchman works on what he calls ‘an ecosystem’, which is all about the ‘player’s growth as a human being’.

  • ‘I have no words for the kindness of the hockey world' | 11-03-2022

    Two weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine some 1.2 million of the total population of 44 million have fled their country. One of them is Iryna Kharchenko, vice-president of the Ukrainian hockey federation. She found shelter with the ‘hockey family’ in the Netherlands and tells her story from our country.

  • Sidelyne: find the match near you | 08-02-2022

    Wouldn’t you like to know which match will be playing in your city at any given time? Or you are on the road, and would like to attend a local match, but don’t know where and when. Enter the newly launched Sidelyne-app of Jochem Moll, meanwhile live in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

  • AmiGo allows kids in wheelchairs to fully participate in sports | 03-02-2022

    The AmiGo is a ‘football shooter’ that allows kids in wheelchairs to fully participate in sports. Michiel van der Boom, an industrial designer, got the idea eight years ago, and after a long run-up the AmiGo will be launched in the spring of 2023.

  • Tool helps runners to choose from numerous apps | 03-02-2022

    Almost all people who start out to run use an app. But what’s the use? That question prompted Human Movement Scientist Mark Janssen to write his dissertation. ‘There is a gap between what current technology offers, and the wishes and needs of runners’, the young PhD recipient explained.

  • Training Institute: creating better trainers | 09-11-2021

    PASS Sports Coach Academy wants to create better trainers through coaching. One of the initiators of the training institute is Marco Neuvel. When working for Koninklijke HFC and KNVB, he learned that there is more to training children than just coaching and teaching them how to play a sport.

  • The physical and mental health of 32 (former) elite athletes | 08-06-2021

    As a elite athlete, how do you cope with change, what can you do when things don’t go like you expected and hoped? What is the secret to success? And how do you transition to a life after a professional sports career? Margriet de Schutter recorded the stories of 32 active and retired professional athletes.

  • Verhaeren continues to take care of athletes but not in NOC*NSF’s employment | 13-05-2021

    After seven very successful but very intensive years working as Australia’s national swimming coach, Jacco Verhaeren returned to the Netherlands in September 2020. Soon his name was floating around as Maurits Hendriks’ ideal successor as technical director of NOC*NSF. But at this point in time he does not aspire to that job, Jacco told Sport Knowhow XL.

  • Table Tennis Association keen to expand range for members and ping pong players | 01-02-2021

    The Dutch Table Tennis Association (NTTB) is undergoing a process of change. The association is not only keen to activate and bind the many ping pong players but also wants to enhance its range on offer to members. ‘We have to make sure that our range is more flexible’, says Marthijn van der Wal, the NTTB’s head of sports participation and association development.

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