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Sport Knowhow XL news (in English)

  • Odd combined sport 'chess boxing' dreams of the Olympics | 17-01-2020

    It is a combination that initially raises eyebrows. Started in 2003 as a work of art, chess boxing has since become a serious sport that fascinates. "People who are unfamiliar with chess boxing are watching with open mouth and are fully enjoying themselves."

  • Research into injury prevention in circus also useful for sports | 16-12-2019

    When studying injury prevention at Cirque du Soleil, human movement scientist Evert Verhagen of the Amsterdam UMC reached an important conclusion: giving people freedom motivated them to come up with solutions to problems. "It changes the perception of injury prevention."

  • Pozyx tracking system helps trainer, player and fan advance | 10-12-2019

    With the latest technology coaches get more valuable information, athletes a more purposeful training and fans a more special experience. The tracking system of the Belgian start-up Pozyx keeps track of someone’s location, up to the nearest ten centimetres. Only a few companies in the world can do this.

  • SwimGym is so much more than just swimming laps | 06-12-2019

    "I found swimming laps boring." This may sound strange coming from former top swimmer Johan Kenkhuis. "But swimming training is something completely different", he says. The double Olympic medallist wants as many people as possible to experience that swimming is more than swimming laps in a crowded public swimming pool.

  • Startup Ludimos helps cricket players with intensive coaching | 14-11-2019

    Anyone playing cricket as an amateur can use some coaching. Then, the tips and tricks of a trainer must stick. Moreover, it is useful if you can find advice from a few months earlier. The startup Ludimos tries, with the help of an online platform, to bring players and trainers together in a well-organized manner.