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Leaders in Performance Conference: Sports Nutrition 2019 2 oktober 2019

The reason for this conference
Sports nutrition is becoming more and more accepted as one of the key pillars of athlete’s performance. Many teams travel with their performance chefs, athletes employ their own chefs who work closely with performance nutritionists and companies now specialize in food delivery services for athletes. Within TeamNL we have seen almost a doubling in the demand and also fortunately in the resources to provide athletes with the best possible support when it comes to nutritional preparation for training and competition. One of the main challenges is still the translation from laboratory research to practical application.

This is the third year this conference takes place and its focus remains this translation of the research, the integration within daily practice as well as continuous improvements of essential skills such as critical thinking and reading for those involved with sports nutrition.

Whom it is for?
The conference is aimed at practitioners who work in the field of sport (including elite sport) and in particular those with an interest in sports nutrition. The conference welcomes not only dietitians and sports nutritionists but also students, coaches, athletes, academics, and anyone else with an interest in the relationship between nutrition and performance.

New! You can also subscribe for a tour around training centre Papendal when the conference has ended. The tour will commence at 18:00 h, and will take you for a look around the campus. You will enter the training facilities and see where our top athletes spend their days!

Registration for the tour around national training centre Papendal is free of charge and can be done by mailing in addition to your registration for the conference. There is a maximum of 50 places for the tour.

  • Locatie: Sportcentrum Papendal, Papendallaan 8, 6816 VD Arnhem
  • Tijden: 9.00 - 17.00 uur
  • Toegang: vrij
  • Aanmelden:
  • Meer informatie: klik hier


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